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Our road to the Awards Night After Parties.

We know that the Awards Night are fun and all, but it’s the Awards Night After Parties where all the real fun begins!!

1. First stop, the Awards Night Ceremony! When we go public, the ceremony begins! There will be a presale opportunity for exclusive whitelisted guest.

2. As we are minting, we will reveal the Hollywood Apes Awards Night Winners along with other community building incentives to increase value and create a synergy within our community.

3. All Hollywood Apes NFTs have access to the Metaverse At Night (M@N) Ecosystem. Metaverse At Night (M@N) Metaverse At Night (M@N) is a long-term stable project that offers NFTs, Gaming, Clubs, Collabs & Crypto all in ONE place. M@N takes the best part of community and world building and pulls them into one M@NCommunity. It’s a place to play, hangout, earn rewards, and make money! Metaverse At Night offers NFTs, a Peer-to-Peer Gaming & Reward Token all in ONE place.

Using an ERC20-compliant cryptographic token called the MANC (MANC), M@N provides a comprehensive economy that uses the power, trust, and transparency of the blockchain to facilitate economic transactions both within, between, and beyond M@N applications. Once we sell out, we have reached the end of the Awards Night Awards and now it’s time to get this party started!! We will be revealing our other upcoming communities that will be joining our Metaverse At Night. It’s time to build up your resources now and get a leg up on the other communities joining our metaverse.

Who’s Ready to PARTY?

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10% Hollywood Apes Minted – DONE

Cocktail Happy Hour

Pre-Drink time! Get ready for the night. You are now on the list. Grab a few friends as we wait in line for the Hollywood Apes Awards Ceremony.

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20% Hollywood Apes Minted

VIP Access

Direct access to exclusive investments & we will be giving away 3 VIP Hollywood Apes

Promote: community and world building.


3 VIP Celebrity Hollywood Ape NFT GIVEWAYS

Watermarked until Given Away.

We work hard to protect your investment! Each VIP Hollywood Ape will have the signature Hollywood Ape logo in the lower right corner, and a VIP emblem i in the bottom left corner. 

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80% Hollywood Apes Minted

Humanitarian Award

As a Discord Community we will pick a reputable charity to donate $20,000

Promote: community and giving back.


90% Hollywood Apes Minted

Community Promotion for Hollywood Apes

We will set aside $30,000 to continue Hollywood Apes NFT promotion to keep floor up.


100% Hollywood Apes Minted

Awards Night

Grab a seat at the Awards Night.  It’s time for 9 Hollywood Ape Award winners to claim their $8,000 award.

Promote: community and world building.


Hollywood Apes NFT Award Night Winners:

Golden NFT’s

These Hollywood Apes are the lucky winners of the NFT Awards Night. There will be 9 golden award winners, which are 1/1 hand-drawn and completely unique Hollywood Apes.

Acquiring one of these rare Award Holding Hollywood Apes comes with an exclusive $8,000 award once 100% are minted! Hollywood Apes, and it also puts you on an exclusive list for VIP access, benefits, and perks.

Each unique A-list Hollywood Ape NFT holding an Award comes with an exclusive VIP ticket to the Hollywood Awards Night VIP After Party in the Hollywood at Night – Metaverse. Members also will have special access to insider decisions made within the community. Holders also receive deals on other projects, as well as lower mint cost on future project releases and a guaranteed pre-sale spot. 

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9 A-list Hollywood Ape Award Winning Gold NFTs

Watermarked until Awarded

We work hard to protect your investment! Each VIP Hollywood Ape will have the signature Hollywood Ape logo in the lower right corner, and a VIP emblem i in the bottom left corner. Every Hollywood Ape will be marked with a watermark until minted. 

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